Bill Clinton & Veganism

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Being healthy takes more than just exercise, rest, sunlight, and staying connected to God. It is important that we eat the right foods and drink lots of water. In  a recent interview on the Letterman show former President Bill Clinton  talks about what caused him to change his  diet – Dr. …

Karlon CromwellBill Clinton & Veganism

An Evergreen

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Joshua Network has had its share of changes. We started with just an idea of creating media that shares and glorifies God. Now we this website, our facebook page, Google+, twitter account, Pinterest instgram and even Soundcloud. The journey seems long, though it’s only been a year and a half. One of the key components for …

Karlon CromwellAn Evergreen

Reach Week 2013

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The Joshua Network team had the opportunity to attend Reach Week 2013. This event took place in Harlem NY on 125th Street it was a very inspiring event for the team, we were only able to attend one day but that was enough to get us excited about this initiative. …

Karlon CromwellReach Week 2013
Collins Pours

Food 4 Life: Sharon

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Food 4 Life at Sharon SDA Church was a blessing we had a great time presenting, the attendees had a great time learning and we covered 3 different segments a skin scrub, fruit smoothies and cashew cheese. Below is a snippet from the Food 4 Life event the full video …

Karlon CromwellFood 4 Life: Sharon

Work in March

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March proved to be a very busy month at least for me. Though Joshua Network has been a bit quiet the opposite has been true for myself. A big Part of the task has been photography and production work for individuals as well as companies. Regardless of the busyness I …

Karlon CromwellWork in March

Your Heart

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“There your heart will be also” Last week we focused on the word “Heart”. In our daily Tweets and Facebook statues we combed the scriptures for these verses and shared them with you. [clearboth] [divider_padding] These scriptures support each other and help enforce the thought behind them. [clearboth] [divider_padding] The …

Karlon CromwellYour Heart

“Holy Night”

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After listening to the message “The Morning Star Rises: Oh holy Night” I felt compelled to write this article. The message speaks about infidelity a topic many today shy away from. In this message however the angle is a bit different, the unfaithfulness talked about here goes far beyond that of a husband and his wife click …

Karlon Cromwell“Holy Night”

Sandyhook Trip

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We took a trip to Newtown CT to minister to the people as well as get a first hand view of this tragic event. [divider_line] Ahkeel & Dehnique share a song of encouragement on their steel pans: [divider_line] We had a chance to meet with a few individuals who represent …

Karlon CromwellSandyhook Trip