The Joshua Network is a media Network that uses practical messages to share the life changing power of CHRIST.

  • Who is God?
    Who is God?
    In one word God is love and he is concerned about our every need. The interviews below give us a glimpse of who God is and how he is our help in time of need.
  • Abraham
    Watch the Full interview as Abraham talks about his life as a preacher, while living in the heart of Brooklyn.
  • Failure
    Failure is often defined as: “A lack of success.” There are many who go through life feeling they aren’t successful, however success comes from struggle and often times what appears to be defeat.
  • Cliford
    Cliford (P4DM Ministries) talks about his past life of running with Gangs in New York, to now speaking for Christ.
  • Jen
    Jen talks about surrendering to God daily and how this process helps her with the problems of her everyday life.
  • Food 4 Life {Vitamins}
    Food 4 Life {Vitamins}
    In this Food 4 Life Segment, we spoke to Henry at the Good N’ Natural Health Food store, about vitamins & their purpose.
  • Food 4 Life {Exercise}
    Food 4 Life {Exercise}
    In this Segment Dwayne Lemon shares a few points on living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Food 4 Life {Making Cheese}
    Food 4 Life {Making Cheese}
    Mike O’ makes cheese using cashews